Wooden Advent Calendars

We have a terrific selection of Advent calendar houses, all beautifully detailed, with 24 doors waiting for the countdown to Christmas!

Advent Calendar Houses

Unique Wood Advent Calendars

Unique, beautifully decorated 3D advent calendar box, with 24 small drawers to hold that special gift for the Advent season!

Wooden Advent Boxes

Rustic box with 24 drawers filled with ornaments to hang on the simple little tree that accompanies it
The most detailed Advent Calendar house ever made, this miniature version of the Christmas Vacation Advent house is just stunning.  Behind 24 lighted windows is a scene from the story of the birth of Christ.
Amazing! Twas the Night Before Christmas Advent calendar house created as part of the Pillar of Heaven series. It is four separate columns, with windows that open to reveal 24 separate charms to hang on the outside as you count down the days to Christmas. Inside the columns is printed the entire story of The Night Before Christmas!
It's simple, but one of the best Christmas Tree Advent calendars that we sell! Wood shape of a Christmas Tree with 24 beautifully decorated drawers inside the Christmas Tree shape. Hide that special gift inside each box or drawer!

Christmas Carolers Wood Advent Calendar

It's a beautiful, tall Gingerbread House Advent calendar with ornate decorations! Built in are 25 windows to hide 25 beautiful little ornaments to hang on top of the house for each day of Advent.  The house swivels 360 degrees.

Simple, and very clever, this Advent calendar is a mug!  Bright red with pale yellow stars to be scratched off each day as you drink your favorite drink.

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Welcome! A wooden Advent calendar is one of the best Christmas traditions that you can start for friends or family! Each 3D Advent calendar also makes a fantastic gift for Christmas 2015.

A wonderful religious or secular heirloom, wood calendars count the days down (24 of them) until Christmas.

On this page are the best selling Advent calendars that we offer. Just click on the images to be taken to the calendars.

Musical Wood Calendars
Wood Advent Houses
Advent Calendar Boxes

24 days. Each day brings the excitement of opening a new drawer, or box, or door, to find a small gift, a small token, a small thought. 24 days, 24 expressions of love, friendship, or care with the finale on Christmas Day. This is the celebration – no, really, the tradition - of Advent!

Christmas Vacation Advent Calendar
Gingerbread Advent Calendars

Advent, which comes from the Latin for "coming," is the 24 day period leading to Christmas. The final day is Christmas Eve. (Some Advent calendars have 25 days to include a final gift on Christmas Day.) Started by the German Lutherans, it can be a secular celebration or a religious one. The Advent calendar (the first one was made in 1851) has doors, windows and drawers that hide the 24 gifts. And while Advent calendars come in many sizes, shapes and forms, there is nothing quite as wonderful as an Advent calendar made in three dimensions (3D).

Night Before Christmas Advent Calendar House
Jim Shore Advent Calendar

Each wood Advent calendar lasts a lifetime, to be brought out year after year to mark the beginning of the Christmas season. It forms the basis for a very special tradition to start or keep, whether it happens with couples, good friends, the elderly, or with children.

Lollipop Christmas Tree Wood Calendar
Christmas Tree Advent Calendars

Friends tradition with a wood Advent calendar: Divide out the 24 days of Advent between the number of friends in the group. Each friend takes a set of consecutive days.

Wrap and deliver or mail a different small symbol of friendship for each assigned day (see Advent gift ideas or religious quotes) to the other friends. The friends then put their gifts in the corresponding slots or drawers of their Advent calendar. Starting on December 1, one gift is removed from its slot in the calendar and opened. Much laughter, maybe some tears, and a lot of care for one another! You can personalize some of the Advent calendars with the names of your friends!

Nativity Advent Calendars
Scratch-Off Advent Mugs

Advent wooden calendar for Couples: Split the 24 days – every other, or 12 each consecutively. Put your gifts in the wooden Advent calendar on your assigned days. NO PEEKING! It's a great way to show love for the person who means the most to you in this world.

Wood Advent Calendar for Grandparents to interact with their grandchildren: Whether near or far, the gift of a wooden Advent calendar, given by grandma or grandpa to their grandchildren is simply priceless.

Tablepiece Advent Calendar

Because the giving doesn't stop at the Advent calendar itself. It's an opportunity for valuable lessons and thoughts to be inserted in the calendar. And all during the year, little gifts can be bought to insert into the Advent calendar house or truck or nativity. Many grandparents keep the wooden Advent calendar with them until just before the countdown to Christmas begins. Then they ship or deliver the calendar, presents and thoughts already inserted in each drawer or behind each door to their grandchildren. When Christmas is over, they collect the calendar and begin again for the next year!

The Christmas Advent calendar for the Elderly: This is a wonderful way to show you care about someone who is older. There are many ways you can do this. If there is one special person who lives far away, put your gifts in the wooden Advent calendar and mail it to them. Imagine their anticipation on each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas! Or, assemble the calendar and deliver it in person, visiting once a day for the 24 days. Or give a wooden calendar to a nursing home and have the staff choose one person per day to open a slot and keep the gift they find.

Wooden Advent calendars for kids: Give a small token to each child, each day in the calendar. It doesn't have to be an actual item! (See ideas for what to put in an Advent calendar.)
This is particularly good if the gift is too large for the calendar. Anything that's good for kids stocking stuffers is good for the treasure hunt!

There are some families that have been celebrating Advent for 50 years or more! Generation after generation, the Advent calendar is passed down and shared. Tradition is important! So, choose an Advent wooden calendar, create a tradition, and let the countdown to Christmas begin!>Wood Advent Houses