Calendar Stuffer Ideas: Boys

Whether sports-oriented, musically inclined, or highly creative, here’s a list of stuffer ideas for your wooden calendar that will please any boy!

  • Pocket-sized Guitar Hero
  • NBA, MBA, NFL Favorite Team M&M’s  BUY NOW for 10% Off!
  • Glow in the dark Mars Mud
  • Bacon and Eggs Bandaides
  • Light Up Molecule Ball
  • Flash Rocks
  • Chocolate cookie soap
  • Spyro-Gyro motorized pen
  • Pocket microscope
  • Sharks teeth in a box
  • Hand boiler
  • 50 world bank notes
  • Mini IPod Speaker Dock  BUY NOW – ONLY $19.95! (Looks like Lego’s)
  • Turbo tortoises
  • Slithering snake toy
  • Backpack dangle toy
  • Tie-dye socks
  • Lego’s (Buy a kit, then put groups of the Lego’s to complete the toy in each of the compartments)
  • Indiana Jones magnet set
  • ITunes gift card
  • Jacob’s ladder
  • Toxic Waste sour candy spray
  • Fizzies drink tablets
  • Lumps of coal
  • Albert Einstein action figure
  • Racing Nuns
  • Voice recording Echo Bot
  • Silver yo yo with case
  • Alien test tubes of slime
  • Harmonica
  • Spy flashlight
  • 20 Questions game
  • The famous Drinking Birds
  • Sno-Baller snowball maker
  • Maritime pocket sundial
  • Fart machine
  • Hysterical laugh pen
  • Flipping monkey
  • Scorpion necklace
  • Hand blasters
  • Sneezing powder

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