Calendar Stuffer Ideas: Older People

Remember: You don’t have to actually put these items in the Advent calendar! You can have a nice sentiment that relates to the gift in the calendar and then either hand them the gift, send it to them, or have it placed with other gifts in front of the Advent calendar.

  • Calendar with birthdays and events already marked
  • Remote control key finder
  • Stylish pill box
  • Suction tub bar
  • Matchbox Melodies
  • Booksling bookmark with pen holder
  • Remote control granny racers
  • Gift card for local drugstore
  • Gift card to favorite restaurant
  • Bracelet Buddy Aide (helps clasp bracelets)
  • Neck-ease moist therapy
  • Wonder warmers (to put in gloves, socks, hat, under scarf, etc.)
  • Tickets – to plays, kids events, etc.
  • Fliptop Can opener (beverage barricade)
  • Personalized photo large print playing cards
  • Cross-engraved worry stones
  • Miniature music box
  • Assist jar opener
  • Green tea eye pillows
  • Moisture therapy gloves
  • Wheelchair pouch
  • Debit card balance tracker
  • Strawberry Blooms In A Bag
  • Slipper socks
  • Small photo album
  • Book of stamps
  • Non-scented lotion
  • Soft candy (watch those dentures!)
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Small magnifying glass
  • Brush or comb
  • Therapeutic travel socks
  • Tea bag sampler
  • Window crystal
  • Ear warmers


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