Musical Advent Calendars

Musical Advent calendars may be right at the top of the list for the most memorable Christmas tradition you can create for those you love.  Beautiful, 3D, made of sturdy materials to last more than one lifetime, our musical Advent calendars make wonderful gifts for children, gifts for the elderly (especially if their eyesight is compromised), old, young… everyone will enjoy these!

St. Nicholas Toy Shoppe Musical Advent CalendarToy Shop Advent Calendar

It’s a scene as old as Christmas itself: Children and their parents staring wistfully into the brightly decorated windows of a wonderful toy store.  This is the St. Nicholas Toy Shoppe collectible Advent calendar.  It’s new for 2011 from Byers Choice, and it’s one of their best ever.  Behind each of the 24 drawers in the Shoppe is room for a sentiment, a present, an activity. But also, when you open the door, a traditional Christmas carol will play. It’s the kind of wood Advent calendar that will remind children, grandchildren, and generations of a family that Christmas is truly on its way!  Measures 15″ x 18″.  BUY NOW: $160.99     



Santa’s Workshop Musical CalendarSanta Workshop Musical


It’s Santa’s Workshop – getting ready for the Christmas holidays.  But wait!  What do we hear?  Well it’s Santa, and he’s directing his elves!  Santa’s Workshop is one of our largest resin and wood Advent calendars, measuring 20″ H x 12.5″ W x 7.5″ D.  This Advent calendar with drawers is deep to better hold all those treats and gifts that will be placed inside each.  As each window or drawer is opened, the song Santa Claus Is Coming to Town is played  BUY NOW: $189.99.


Workshop Musical Advent Calendar with Animation

If you like Christmas music, Santa’s Workshop is the Advent calendar for you: When any of the 24 compartments are opened, a different Christmas Carol will play.  In addition, Santa and his elves dance, the lights come on, and it’s a wondrous experience, especially for children!  The drawers on the house Advent calendar are deeper than most – about 3″, which helps in choosing gifts you want to put in each one.  Measures about 18.5″ x 16″ x 3″.  BUY NOW: $77.99

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