Santa Wooden Advent Calendars

Santa Wooden Advent Calendars: The Santa Claus we know and love today was created by a writer named Clement Clarke Moore, when he wrote the poem “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” in 1823 (otherwise known as “The Night Before Christmas”).  The original concept of a Santa Claus came from a legend in Holland, where he was called Sinter Klaas.  When settlers came to America in the late 1700’s, they brought the legend with them, although he didn’t have reindeer, nor was he jolly and rolly-polly! So for all you Santa lovers, young and old, here are several wooden Advent calendars to choose from for your Christmas Advent tradition.


Santa’s Sleigh Wood Advent Calendar

Santa’s Sleigh Wooden Advent Calendar creates such excitement for children as they countdown the days to Christmas!  Featuring Santa and all his reindeer, this is an heirloom Advent calendar as it’s a Byer’s Choice calendar – durable, and quality made.  Hide presents or candy behind the 24 numbered doors for a tradition that will last generation after generation.  This large, heirloom calendar measures 18.5″x15.  BUY NOWOn Sale: $55.97


Santa’s Bag of Goodies Advent Calendar

Santa’s bag is full of ornaments, ready to put on the 24 day countdown calendar that he’s holding.  No peeking in the bag – it’s always fun to see who pulls out which ornament!  It’s a wonderful Advent calendar for children that shows the delight on their faces as they discover which ornament they’ve pulled out.  Another idea is to put 24 other small gifts into Santa’s bag, so that either more than one child can participate, or there is a little more per day.  Made of resin. Measures 17 1/2″ x 23″.  BUY NOW: $37.95 

Woodland Santa Advent CalendarWoodland Santa Calendar

Santa in the woodlands – simple, but folksy and down to earth,  Woodland Santa Calendar .  Well constructed to last year after year, the compartments are deep and fairly large, making it one of the roomiest for small gifts.  Woodland Santa is rather old-fashioned looking, which makes it a great gift for older folks, as well as being a terrific Advent calendar for children.  Measures 17 3/4″x20 1/2″  BUY NOW: On Sale: $55.97



Old Fashioned Santa Advent Calendar

The Old Fashioned Santa Advent Calendar is very simple: Made of heavy paperboard, it hangs almost anywhere you want to be reminded that it’s the Christmas season and the countdown has begun!  An old-fashioned way to keep track of the 24 days until Christmas, the two wheels allow you to rotate the days from 24 to 1!  Measures 10″ x 15″. BUY NOW: $25.99   When you get to the merchant site for this calendar, type in “Santa Claus” in the upper left-hand corner in the SEARCH box and you will be taken to the calendar.



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