Wooden Cabin Advent Calendars

Wood Cabin Advent Calendar


Our top selling Advent calendar in 2010, this is a small replica of a cabin set in the woods.  Featuring 24 drawers that each hold a backwoods animal, this Advent calendar is a wonderful way to count down the days to Christmas.

Wood Cabin Advent Calendar

The wooden cabin Advent calendar is very detailed and unique.  It features 24 magnetic doors that open (countdown to Christmas!) to reveal an animal hiding in each one.  The beauty of the wooden cabin advent calendar is that as children get older and outgrow the animals, candy or some other small present can be substituted for the animals.  This was our top selling Advent calendar in 2010!  Measures 14-1/2″ W x 9-1/4″ D x 15″ H.  BUY NOW: $89.95     


How about: Super sized gummy bears?
Or favorite NFL, NBA, or MLB teams personalized M&M's?
Or erasers that look food?






Green roof with two gabled windows; a large front porch with brightly decorated windows, this woodlands cabin Advent calendar houses 24 forest animals in its drawers!

Woodland Cabin Advent Calendar

Holiday Woodland Cabin

Nicely decorated for the holiday season, this woodland cabin Advent calendar has 24 drawers that hide small forest animals.  The countdown to Christmas begins with day 1 as an animal (and perhaps a small hidden gift as well!) is taken out and set outside the house, maybe on the porch, or perched on the roof.  As of Christmas Eve, the countdown is complete, and so is the woodlands cabin Advent calendar!  Measures approximately 10″W x 11″D x 13″H.  BUY NOW: $79.95





It's a little log cabin, complete with green roof, two gabled windows on top and a front porch. And behind 24 windows and openings are birds of all kinds, to be brought out and perched, one by one, during the countdown to Christmas.

Cabin Birdhouse Advent Calendar

Cabin Birdhouse Advent Calendar

Yes, this is a wooden house Advent calendar, but one with a twist since it’s a birdhouse advent calendar.  It comes with 24 brightly colored birds, all hidden in the drawers, just waiting for their turn to be opened – a Christmas calendar countdown!  There’s also enough room for some small stocking stuffers to hide.  This 3D Advent calendar is a reusable Advent calendar, just made for family traditions.  Measures 13″W X 10″D x 11.25″H.  BUY NOW: $154.99


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