Christmas Tree Wood Advent Calendars

Each Christmas Tree Advent calendar that we offer is very different: From one of the most detailed wooden advent calendars to one of the most simple (and the least expensive). Our Christmas Tree wood Advent calendars are a terrific way to start a wonderful Christmas tradition in 2010!

Christmas Tree Presents Advent Calendar

Made of wood, the Christmas Tree Presents Advent Calendar is absolutely terrific! Nice sized compartments to hold gifts of your choice, it has wonderful detail, bright colors, and is symbolic of the promise of Christmas coming.  It’s a great way to count down the days to Christmas – 24 days of presents and fun!  BUY NOW: $69.99  Sold Out!


 Lollipop Wood Advent Calendar

We have only one of these left! If you are interested, please send an email to! What’s not to love about this one?  Priced right, simple, great for setting out during the Advent season…  One of the easiest wooden Advent calendars for kids,  it’s an Advent calendar that creates a terrific Christmas countdown.  Measures 8″ x 8″ x 14.5″. Buy Now: $19.95 plus shipping.

Christmas Tree Wood Advent Calendar

Christmas Tree Advent calendar is very detailed – one of the best wooden advent calendars for kids! Part of the heirloom series of calendars, it’s meant to last for generations.  This Christmas tree wood Advent calendar has 24 drawers to hide candy or presents to count down to Christmas. Measures 16″ x 22″.  BUY NOW:  $$78.84 On Sale!


Santa Tree Wood CalendarSanta Tree Wood Calendar

So detailed! This Christmas countdown calendar features Santa with his elf on a ladder hiding all the Christmas gifts. It’s actually a fairly spacious calendar with room for candy or small gifts behind the 24 doors. Made of wood, this calendar measures 12″ x 16″. Buy Now: $70.99.



Snowman and Christmas Tree Wooden Advent Calendar with Drawers

Lots of detail in this absolutely adorable wood Advent calendar.  The 24 countdown to Christmas drawers which comprise the box that holds the snowman and Christmas tree are hinged rather than pullout.  In each drawer is a Christmas ornament that can be hung on the tree above.  The happy-go-lucky snowman is perched next to the tree, with a great smile to welcome one and all into the Christmas season!  Measures 12″ x 15″.  BUY NOW: $54.07   Out of Stock.


Santa and Christmas Tree Wood Advent Calendar

This is a very simple wooden Advent calendar – a perfect Advent calendar for children who perhaps don’t yet have the dexterity that older children have.  There are no drawers in the Santa and Christmas Tree calendar, all the ornaments that come with the calendar are in Santa’s sleigh, to be hidden inside and hung on the tree as the 24 days count down to Christmas.  It’s an especially good calendar for putting your own wrapped presents in the sleigh, rather than the small ornaments, if you prefer.  Measures 15.5″H X 13.5″W x 2.5″D. BUY NOW: $54.99   Sold Out!





Simple Christmas Tree Advent Calendar with Drawers

It’s really very charming in its simplicity: a Christmas Tree frame with bright drawers in the frame to load all sorts of goodies.  It’s really a good Advent calendar if you have your own gifts to put inside each of the 24 drawers to count down to Christmas.  These are the kinds of traditions that we all remember from our childhood.  Sometimes the simpler the better!  Measures 13″ x 2″ x 14.5″. BUY NOW: $37.99 On Sale!



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