Nativity Advent Calendars

The wooden nativity Advent calendar: “Advent” comes from the latin word “coming”.  What better way to wait for the coming of Christ than with a wooden nativity Advent Calendar? We have five choices below to offer you – from the Fontanini Nativity to the magnetic Nativity Advent calendar, each has its own charm.  A combination of Bible verses (see these “Our Father” verses) and a nativity Advent calendar creates a wonderful countdown to Christmas tradition.

Wood Nativity Advent calendars are wonderful heirloom gifts for children because they teach from a young age the meaning behind Christmas.  And every day, starting 24 days before Christmas, will be a small reminder of what is to come on Christmas Day.  It’s interactive and exciting, something your children or grandchildren will pass down to their loved ones!

Nativity Advent Calendar (Heirloom)

Wooden Nativity Advent Calendar: This is an heirloom Advent Calendar, which means that it is outstanding enough to be considered a collectible.  This 3D wooden religious Advent calendar by Byers Choice has 24 hidden drawers, each of which can hold a small present or piece of candy.  (For ideas on what to put in your wood Advent calendar, see the sidebar.)  Measures 18″x15″.  BUY NOW: $82.99

Magnetic and Wood Nativity Advent Calendar

Another collectible Advent calendar, this Nativity Advent Calendar made of wood with a magnetic center is a complete experience for Advent.  Each of the 24 drawers (with a 25th for Christmas Day) includes a magnetic figure from the manger scene.  As each day during the countdown to Christmas occurs, the small figures are taken out of the drawers and placed in the middle of the calendar to complete the scene by Christmas.  Interactive, fun, and a childhood memory-maker!  Measures 17″x14 1/4″x2″.  BUY NOW: $109.99   Sold Out!

Fontanini Advent Calendar

The Fontanini Nativity Advent Calendar is actually quite rustic.  For each of the 24 days before Christmas, the Fontanini nativity set figures are added to their positions to create a finished calendar by the end.  There are no drawers – the flat pieces are hung or placed in the nativity. Perfect for a desktop! Measures 11″x8.5″x2.5″.  Buy Now: $50.00


Wood and Magnetic Nativity Advent Calendar II

The second wood and Magnetic Nativity Calendar is similar to the one above, and also has, as the name suggests, a magnetic center.  The drawers on this calendar surround the manger scene rather than being located all below.  In each numbered drawer is a magnetic nativity figure that can be placed on the center to eventually form the entire nativity scene.  Each drawer is large enough for a small piece of candy also.  Measures 17″ x 14″ x 2″. BUY NOW:  $113.99


Magnetic NativityNativity Advent Calendar

Simple, adorable, the magnetic Nativity Advent calendar is a perfect way to teach from an early age the meaning behind Christmas. Behind each of the 24 doors is part of the Holy Family nativity scene. Open each door each day as the whole family enjoys the anticipation leading up to the day we celebrate the birth of Christ.  Measures about 10″x14″x1.75″. Buy Now: $64.95




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