“Our Father” Bible Passages for the Calendar

Whether it be a Nativity Advent calendar or a tree Advent calendar, if you’re looking for a religious/inspirational theme for your wooden Advent Calendar, this is sure to provide it.

Each day, insert a passage from the Bible (or have the Bible nearby with the passages pre-marked), and also a little “task” or “act” or “thought” in each drawer or opening in the calendar.

This theme can be applied for not only children, but couples as well. For extra emphasis, celebrate with the Advent wreath in conjunction with the Advent Calendar.



1stWho is always looking to welcome us home after we have strayed. (Luke 15:20) Write a letter to someone who is far from home.

2nd …Who forgives us our sins. (Matthew 6:12) Forgive someone who has hurt you.

3rd …Who knows what we need. (Matthew 6:32) Donate clothes to the poor and needy.

4th …Who rains his rain on the just and unjust. (Matthew. 5:45) Love your enemies as well as your friends.

5th …Whose name is holy. (Matthew 6:9) Pray that all people will come to know God.

6th …Who is Master of our life. (Sirach 23:1) Think about God.

7th …Who made us his sons and daughters. (Gal. 4:6) Pray the Our Father.

8th …Who is rich in mercy. (Eph. 2:4) What are things people can do to show mercy?

9th …Whose Kingdom will come. (Matthew 6:10) Volunteer to do something for a friend, loved one, or charity.

10th …Whose handmaid was Mary. (Luke 1:48) Do a good deed and tell no one (be humble).

11th …Who is filled with compassion. (Luke 15:24) Take food to the food bank.

12thFrom whom every family takes its name. (Eph 3:4) Pray together as a family for all families everywhere.

13th …Who gives us every blessing. ((Eph 1:3) Make a list of your blessings.

14th …Who delivers us from evil. (Matthew 6:13) Change a bad habit.

15th …Whose will is done in heaven. (Matthew 6:10) Find out more about a favorite person in the Bible.

16th …Who counts the hairs of our head. (Matthew 10:30) Praise God’s loving and watchful eye.

17th …Who calls the stars by name. (Ps. 147:4) Pray under the beauty of God’s night sky.

18th …Who asks us not to judge others. (Matthew 6:12) Make a list of what you like best about the others in your family.

19th …Who gives us everything good. (Matthew 7:11) Thank God for 10 good things.

20th …Who warns us against revenge. (Matthew 6:10) Return good for an evil someone has done you.

21st …Who asks us to love our neighbor. (Luke 10:27) Help a neighbor.

22nd …Who formed us in the womb. (Ps. 139:13) Make a donation to a worthwhile charity.

23rd …Who sends angels to guard us. (Matthew 18:10) Pray to your guardian angel.

24th …Who keeps his promises. (Matthew 6:11) Make a promise and keep it.

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